Emily Maxwell

New Server! 

I've moved to a new web host!

You'd think that with everyone locked in the house, I'd have more time to work on my personal projects, but it's quite the opposite. I can't find time for anything any more. :(

Peripheral FX 

Alright. It's far from ready, there's a lot that is still wonky or broken. The UI is still vague and kind of confusing (I will be changing it, don't worry! The engine is more important right now, though.)

With all that said, I've decided that I'll just drop my latest super-duper-mega-early-alpha build of PeriFX, the replacement for CEE.

If you're feeling courageous, download it here! I really don't recommend anyone other than the most bored, curious, or experimental even bother with it yet!

There's a bunch of UI locking right now when you're editing profiles or layers, and that's because I need to make sure that the triggers for switching profiles with unsaved changes work properly before I actually unlock it all. Sorry for that, I know it's awkward.

For now, don't bother emailing me with bug reports or anything. Odds are, if there's a bug, I'm already aware of it. There's a lot going on in this and I haven't had the time I wish I had to work on it. If anything goes weird, don't blame me!

For people with the Mk. II devices, even those using the older CEE, limit the output framerate to about 30. When you get up to 40 or more, the controller on the board freaks out and inputs slow down a ton.

Have fun! I'll keep working on this when I get the chance, I promise.

Back at it! 

Hey, world!

I've fixed the download for the .ZIP. I don't know what keeps going wrong with the installer, but it would be best to use the ZIP for now, anyway. You can get that over here.

I'm probably going to release an early pre-release build of CEE's replacement some time soon, so people can start playing with it.

Also, super-duper sorry to anyone that has emailed me in the last... couple months. Things have been absolutely mental for me with the new job and personal life, and I'm just starting to get back on track. I'll start answering emails this weekend!

Stay tuned!

Outlook Email Issues 

Hey, everyone!

I've been getting some emails from people using Outlook, and for some bizarre reason, I can't seem to respond to them. These emails come in from an address such as [email protected], except with actual hash values and not that obvious one. Outlook refuses responses to these emails, so I'm unable to reply to you.

If you use Outlook (probably free Outlook.com accounts, if I had to wager a guess) and you haven't gotten a reply from me, try emailing a friend that uses Gmail to see if they can respond to you. If not, then something's up. I'll try looking into it from my end as well.

Happy new year!

Thanks, China 

You know, I tried moving to a smaller server to save money, but within an hour of moving I was being bombarded by thousands of requests from Chinese IPs, trying to brute-force the server. Unfortunately, while GCP gives you a small, free instance, what they don't give you is unlimited bandwitdh. With that, I've rebuilt my web server on my previous host, and will be hosting it there. Things could be weird for the next 24 hours while DNS hand-offs happen, but if anything goes horribly wrong, please write me an email.

It's really a shame that sometimes it feels like everyone is out to get you on the internet. Nobody is going to get much use out of an instance with 700 MB RAM and 20% of a single CPU, but they're still gonna try.

Sigh. I would have loved to have spent all these hours working on PeriFX, but I guess it went into making a webserver, trying to protect it, giving up, and making yet another webserver.