I Got a New Camera

I've been using a Nikon D80 since basically the beginning of time. I bought this thing brand new back when it was one of the best mid-range dSLR cameras on the market. I used the heck out of this camera. Its sensor has got dozens of blown pixels, my favourite lens has dust inside it... It was time for a change.

So I started researching. It turns out, Nikon is all but done making dSLR cameras. It's going all-in on mirrorless technology, and so are most of the other big brands. Yeah, I could get the D780, but F-mount lenses are already stopping production. People claimed the new Z-mount lenses had phenomenal optics. So, I went with a Z6 II. It's pretty different from the D series that I'm used to. The lenses are also pretty freakin' expensive, and there aren't really any used ones out there yet.

Ah well. If it could stop raining for ten minutes I'd love to go and actually use this new camera.