Emily Maxwell

A New Adventure 

Those of you who know me well know that I've dreamt of going to Japan since I was little. I was lucky enough to find and marry an incredible woman, and we've visited Japan together five times in as many years.

One day, after feeling down thanks to some personal stuff going on, my wife said "why not apply for a job? YOLO". So I did. After a long, difficult interviewing process, I was offered the job. I accepted the job.

The job is in Tokyo. We're moving there in a few weeks.

You read that right. We're moving to Japan!

So, what does that mean for my (admittedly already kinda dead) projects? It means they're on pause, for now. I've got a few in the pipeline that you might not know about, such as a stupid Twitch overlay/chatbot that'll allow me to do some obnoxious stuff. I'll share more once it's closer to release!

Otherwise, we're thinking of starting up a YouTube channel or maybe an Instagram to share our adventures on. We'll see how that one goes.

Either way, I want to say thank you to everyone who's supported me along the way. I can't even count how many people have been supportive, and I hope I can pass that good energy on to others who need some support in the future. For the next few months, I'll probably disappear from the Internet as we go through this huge move. I want to dedicate myself to this new job and make sure I do the best I can. It's for a company whose mission I believe in, and who seem to really care for their team.

Be good to each other while I'm away. See you guys soon.

Happy New Year! 

Happy new year, everyone! I've finally finished my work on subtitles for the 2020 Gaki no Tsukai Batsu Game. What a slog that was! I'll probably keep working on episodes of it, but that's honestly all I've got in me for extra-curriculars that have to do with the computer.

Once the pandemic finally blows through and we get out of lockdowns again, I'm looking to get into a few extra activities that are more physical. I need to get back in shape. On top of that, I've actually started piano lessons because I want to really improve. So I'm too busy to keep up with my programming projects.

I do still have little things that I work on here and there. My bot for Twitch chat/overlay is pretty much where I want it now, so I'll probably release it on Github soon. Otherwise, I have nothing ongoing at the moment! Time to focus on myself a bit.

Everyone who's been supportive over the years: thank you. I hope I can find a new way to bring you guys some joy, soon. Stay safe, keep your loved ones safe, and remember that the sun will always rise again!

I'm Back, Baby! 

A couple years ago I fell into a slump. I was working way too much, with extremely unrealistic deadlines and expectations, and I just lost the will to look at code on my own free time.

I'm probably best known around these parts for my work on my Corsair tools. Unfortunately, Corsair have changed the way they package resources (like images and maps) and it's basically impossible for me to get the images out of iCUE to use in my own software. This, combined with the coding burn-out, has basically led to the death of my projects. It's a shame, but it is what it is, I suppose.

That being said, I've recently gotten over some personal stuff, and I've finally found a new project to work on! It's not something I'm planning to take public yet - if at all, but it's something I'm really enjoying doing.

COVID-19 has taken its toll on all of us, and I can't wait to be able to go places again. We missed our friend's wedding in Japan in February. We've missed other weddings. We've missed birthdays, births, deaths, and funerals. I really hope the world can get it together and push through this pandemic, so we can all get out there and see each other again.

I also really hope I've somehow become less lactose intolerant, because I really want some iced cream.

I've been streaming on Twitch lately, partially as a way to feel connected with the outside world. It's been a lot of fun, even if nobody really watches me. You're always welcome to drop by my Twitch channel and say hey!

As always, be good to each other! Hopefully you'll be hearing from me more frequently going forward. :D

Trying My Hand at Scanslations 

As many of you know, I've been pretty burnt out from trying to work hard all day, then find joy in programming my little projects. To that effect, I've taken on a more artistic challenge: translating manga.

I know that doesn't really mean much for a lot of you, and it might be disappointing for some, but this is allowing me to build a whole different array of skills (I've always wanted to improve my art skills), while also helping me study and build vocabulary in Japanese.

I'm hoping things will one day come back to normal. I still like programming, but I simply don't have the time - even with the manga stuff being dedicated to code - to single-handedly manage the massive commitment that is keeping up with the latest and greatest peripherals out there for RGB software. I'm sorry.

Back on the note of improving my art skills: I'm not a great artist, and even less so am I experienced in digital art. I've got a good little tablet and I'm fairly comfortable with it, but technique is where I'm lacking. Especially when it comes to things like cleaning up screentones! If anyone has some tips or knows good resources to learn from, let me know! ;)

Well, cheers folks. Stay safe out there.

Small Updates 

Well, this place has fallen into obscurity at this point. The 'rona has made me astoundingly busy with work, spending 6+ hours a day in conference calls. I don't have the energy to stay at my computer and code after all that. Hopefully the world calms itself down a bit and I can start getting fun out of the projects that I used to regard as my favourite hobbies.

In the mean time, I've updated this website a little bit so Lighthouse would be all green. There's not really much point to it, but it makes me feel like I did something right when I see a high score in it.

Sorry to everyone who was hoping to see some cool stuff out of me this year. Maybe I'll get back into it all soon!

Until then, stay safe, everyone. <3