Emily Maxwell

Slightly Bigger Update! 

Looks like I found some time to implement a new feature! You can now use GPU usage to colour your devices, in the same fashion that you could use CPU usage. This is using OpenHardwareMonitor's library, which, hopefully, doesn't cause anyone's computers to explode.

As always, thanks for your support! Please let me know if anything goes horribly wrong with this build.


Small Update! 

Today's update is a smaller one from the user's point of view! I've update logging to not use the strings file any more, so that's less to worry about translating and means that I can add more logging more easily. To go along with that, I'm slowly improving logging throughout the application.

Other changes include some small tweaks to the startup and audio device selection bits, and some optimizations to the engine. This should improve start-up time of the application.

Bigger features are under way! Hopefully they'll be ready sooon.


Another Bugfix! 

Here's another smaller build! This should fix the crash when shutting down or restarting Windows!

This is a tricky one to test. If you guys are still having issues, please let me know!

In other news, I think I'm going to start releasing smaller, moore frequent releases. This allows me to get feedback and work done quicker.

As always, thanks everyone for your support!

Bugfix Released 

This is a small release! I've fixed an issue where selecting a mouse or mousepad for the first time could cause the output thread to crash silently, which led to all output stopping and an error appearing when closing CEE.

This issue is now resolved in v0.1.22.


Version 0.1.21 Released - MM800 Support! 

I've just released version 0.1.21, which includes MM800 support! This is preliminary and far from finished, but it should at least allow you to light up your mousepad with everything else! Please note that you might have to restart the software after you select the MM800 for it to work, as there's a weird issue with upgrading from earlier version.

Along with this, I've added the ability to select None for any device, which disables effects for that device. For now, selecting None for the keyboard will make most other devices stop working, too, but I'm working on isolating them so you can use CEE without a keyboard.

There have been other optimizations deep down that should increase performance and reduce delay between a frame being generated, and that frame being sent to the device.