Emily Maxwell

Installer changed to Microsoft ClickOnce 

I got sick of the way Squirrel has been treating us all. I've done away with it, and am now using the Microsoft ClickOnce installer. This will look very similar for any of you who have installed Chrome before.

There are still references to Squirrel in the code, and I will clean that up over the coming days. I will also release an update for Squirrel users, informing them of the change to the new installer.

So far, with my limited testing, it seems to be working well. The program launches without problems, it does the whole self-updating thing without a bunch of nasty third party bootstrappers, and antiviruses aren't as mad at it. I'll set up a self-signing certificate on it, and eventually, if I can find the $200+/year for it, a public certificate so that it can be verified as safe from a big company.

The current version is now 0.2.34.

You can still download the latest build at the same location! I recommend uninstalling any previous builds you might have installed. You will not lose your settings or profiles by doing this.

Here's to hoping this works well! As always, please let me know of any issues.

K95 Platinum and Sabre 10k Support! 

While the K95 Platinum has been supported for a little while, now, CEE has been updated to take full advantage of it. The top bar will now act as a stereo volume meter.

Support for the 10k version of the Sabre has also been added!

There's a small chance that the changes I had to make to get everything working for the new keyboard totally explodes everything on every other device. I don't think it will, but if it does, please let me know and I'll get on fixing it!

Default Profiles are once again being included in this build and in all future builds. There are a dozen profiles included; most of which are fairly simple, but I use often and thought others might enjoy!

Work on the super-secret new awesome stuff is still ongoing. It's a big step, so it will take a while!

As always, thanks for your support and love!

Installer and logger fixes. 


Alright, this build is a bit rushed. It's got fixes for the installer issues, and for the new logger's issues.

If you have any problems installing this build, clear out %LOCALAPPDATA%\CorsairEffectsEngine and reinstall from scratch. You should be good to go after that!

I'm really sorry about all these issues. Squirrel, the software I'm using for installing and updating, completely changed the way it works, and now it just doesn't work. I wasn't expecting that to happen when I updated.

As always, please let me know if you have any issues!

Finally, an Update! 

Hey, everyone! Version 0.2.29 is out!

This update took longer to get out than I intended. There's a ton of new stuff that's half-done in it, and I was really hoping to get it done, but I've realized that I should get the important fixes out and support for new devices. So that's what I did.

This new build includes:

  • Added support for the K95 Platinum and Scimitar Pro. Corrected support for the M65 Pro.
  • An updated NAudio library, which will hopefully help resolve some of the audio issues people have been having.
  • The updated SDK, which should work a lot better for everyone.
  • New Reactive Typing module. I've done away with RawInput and am now using HidSharp.dll. This hooks into the keyboard HID for Input, similarly to how I already hook into it for Output. What this means is that most antiviruses won't freak out, and we can now capture special keys, such as the Fn key, G keys, M keys, and others.
  • Cleaned up some unneeded strings in the string file.
  • Cleaned up the interface and now permit it to be resized.
  • Started developing some super secret new features.
  • Started developing some super rad rendering engine improvements.
  • The Restore lighting on exit feature has been disabled temporarily. It's causing some crazy issues that affect future launches of CEE and even mess with CUE. It will be restored once I figure out a cleaner way to initialize devices after having restored lighting. Sorry!

The following features are coming in the next and upcoming builds. I hope to really jump into it.

  • The K95 top bar does not light up yet.
  • Using SDK output on the K95 Platinum doesn't work correctly for the G keys. Using regular output is recommended for now.
  • Finish implementing the super secret new features.
  • Finish implementing the super rad new rendering engine improvements.

Please note that the package download is now about 10MB as opposed to about 2MB. This is because I'm now including some assets such as the images for different devices. This totally doesn't have anything to do with the super secret new features, I swear.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy this new build. The upcoming stuff is pretty amazing, so keep your eyes peeled!

News and Antivirus False Positives 

Hey, everyone!

I'm happy to say that I'm back into working on CEE, and I'm going at it hard. I want to push a big update that'll really bring some improvements to everyone. I won't go exactly into what's involved, in case I can't deliver it all, but I'm rebuilding reactive typing, further optimizing the engine, refactoring chunks of code to modularize them and break their dependency on keyboards, and a bunch of other stuff. I hope to get a release out some time this weekend or early next week.

On the note of reactive typing, more and more people are asking me about certain antiviruses reporting that CEE is a trojan. They aren't able to define which one, and usually just say "generic" or "heuristic match". Basically what this means, is that these antiviruses are picking up on some keylogging things, but are too stupid to realize that CEE doesn't have any internet or network capabilities. In short, CEE does act very similarly to a keylogger, in that it uses RawInput hooks to capture keystrokes. This is how reactive typing works; as it's pretty hard to react when you don't know what keys are being pressed! The RawInput hooks I'm using, I found online and modified. They've probably been used in tons of malware, which is why antiviruses are starting to pick them up.

Where CEE differs from an actual keylogger is in what it does with the keys it captures. When it captures a key, it fires off an event. This event cross-references the data captured with an absurdly large dictionary, and returns the ID of the key or keys that were struck. This ID is then sent to the rendering engine and applied as a mask on the Reactive Typing layer, and then colorized by whatever colour settings you choose. The frame goes on to be rendered, and you see your keys light up.

Naturally, this would freak some people out. If she's capturing keystrokes, how do we know she's not secretly emailing them to herself!? Due to the fact that this is the Internet, and I could very well be a horrible human being who would do something like this, I do two things to try and mitigate the fears. The first, is that I try to maintain a good public image and good public relations. I'm constantly in contact with Corsair, and they sure wouldn't be supporting me if I was stealing user data. The second, is that I've ensured that CEE doesn't actually have any networking capabilities. It is completely unable to access the Internet, since it's not loading any of the libraries it would need to be able to do so.

But wait, there's an online updater! Ah, yes there is. I use Squirrel, a well-known package manager and installer. A lot of apps use it, most notably Slack. Wen you launch CEE, you're not actually launching it directly. You're launching the updater, which checks for an update, and then launches CEE, while passing it a true/false for whether there is or isn't an update available. The Updater downloads the update in the background, extracts it to a new location, and next time you launch CEE, the updater just launches the CEE in the new location, while leaving behind the old one.

So that's the gist of it. I hope this helps to alleviate some of the worries people have been having. I'm rebuilding the input hooking from the ground up, so it's not going to be using generic virus-like hooks any more. It should also be able to capture special keys, such as Fn or the G keys!

As always, thanks for your support!