Emily Maxwell

Latest Build 

The latest version of CEE is v0.3.37. You can download the installer here. If that link doesn't work, or you would like to download a ZIP archive of the application instead, you can do so here.

New Build - Key/Zone Selection 

Here it is! The super secret awesome new feature I've been working on. Now, before I get into the details, I want everyone to know that it's not done, yet. This is just a taste of what's coming!

In this build, v0.3.37, you'll find a new button has crept into the edit effect view. That button, when clicked, shows you your keyboard, and all the keys on it. (Hopefully. It might crash if I've screwed something up.) From here, you can select what keys the current layer will affect.

To go along with this, I've changed the name of "Fill All" to "Static Lighting", as it's more suiting. All your old profiles should be backwards-compatible, as well. New layers, by default, will have all keys selected.

You can also expand the window, and instead of clicking on keys one-by-one, you can click and drag to select them. There's no simple selection box yet, since it turns out it's absolutely not simple to design. It's coming, though.

Now, for the part that isn't really done: You can only select keys on keyboards. For now, effects will always span over into the mouse and mousepad (except for Swipe, since I apparently forgot to expand that to the mousepad in the first place... it's coming, I swear!). The next big update will allow you to select your mouse and mousepad zones similarly to how you can now do it on the keyboard. Sorry it's not in this build, but it's a lot to do and I'd like to have people test out these changes and report any problems before they blow up into something bigger later!

I expect some things to go wrong with this build. If you're using a Japanese, Korean, or Brazilian layout, trying to view the keyboard will probably straight-up crash the program. I'm working on building up profiles for those devices now. That will come soon, too.

I hope everyone enjoys playing with this new feature, and I hope that nobody's able to find any horrible issues!

New Build - Better Logging 

This is a smaller build, mostly just to test out the auto-update functionality with ClickOnce. So far, it looks like it's working well.

There are some changes in this build anyway. All references to Squirrel have been removed in dependencies and code. The amount of DLLs shipped with CEE has dropped from 20 to 8. The remaining ones are: CUE.NET, a C# wrapper for the CUE SDK; the 64- and 32-bit versions of the SDK; HidSharp.dll, used for hooking into keyboard input; NAudio.dll, used for capturing audio; OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll, used for capturing CPU and GPU usage; and two XCeed libraries, which include some custom controls.

I've also re-written a couple small parts of the audio device hooking portions. Hopefully, we're now catching incorrect audio devices and handling them properly.

In case the above isn't enough, I've also included significantly more detailed logs in some parts of the engine and device handlers. This includes audio, and, hopefully, will help us figure out what's going on with the audio issues people are running into.

Last but not least, a small quality-of-life change: the log file is overwritten every time the software is launched, instead of logs endlessly appending to it.

I'm going to start working on the super-awesome-top-secret-new-features, now. :)

Installer changed to Microsoft ClickOnce 

I got sick of the way Squirrel has been treating us all. I've done away with it, and am now using the Microsoft ClickOnce installer. This will look very similar for any of you who have installed Chrome before.

There are still references to Squirrel in the code, and I will clean that up over the coming days. I will also release an update for Squirrel users, informing them of the change to the new installer.

So far, with my limited testing, it seems to be working well. The program launches without problems, it does the whole self-updating thing without a bunch of nasty third party bootstrappers, and antiviruses aren't as mad at it. I'll set up a self-signing certificate on it, and eventually, if I can find the $200+/year for it, a public certificate so that it can be verified as safe from a big company.

The current version is now 0.2.34.

You can still download the latest build at the same location! I recommend uninstalling any previous builds you might have installed. You will not lose your settings or profiles by doing this.

Here's to hoping this works well! As always, please let me know of any issues.

K95 Platinum and Sabre 10k Support! 

While the K95 Platinum has been supported for a little while, now, CEE has been updated to take full advantage of it. The top bar will now act as a stereo volume meter.

Support for the 10k version of the Sabre has also been added!

There's a small chance that the changes I had to make to get everything working for the new keyboard totally explodes everything on every other device. I don't think it will, but if it does, please let me know and I'll get on fixing it!

Default Profiles are once again being included in this build and in all future builds. There are a dozen profiles included; most of which are fairly simple, but I use often and thought others might enjoy!

Work on the super-secret new awesome stuff is still ongoing. It's a big step, so it will take a while!

As always, thanks for your support and love!