Emily Maxwell

We Got Married! 

WOO! We finally sealed the deal! The wedding was absolutely phenomenal. The venue was top-notch, our vendors all rocked, all our guests had a blast, and most importantly of all, we had the best day of our lives!

A lot of you have been asking me about photos. Unfortunately, the professional photographers took a few thousand photos, so it'll take a few weeks before we get them all back. Once we get them, I'll post a few here for you guys to see!

As for CEE, I'll be starting to get my way back into it. I think I have an MM800 on the way, so I'll get on reverse-engineering it once I receive it. I've got a few bugs I need to fix, and a few other improvements to make (better logging), and then I'll start getting to work on new stuff such as the static key lighting support.

I've got a platform migration going on at work, so I'll be fairly busy with that, too. Plus, Christmas is coming. I want to say I'll have at least all of the logging, bugs, and stability issues worked out by then, but I can't promise!

As always, Thank you for your support! I love you guys!

Website Updates! 

Hey, everyone!

I've updated my website to actually have a full database back-end instead of just looking like it has one. For you, this means that posts will now be dated, dynamically populated, and paginated. For me, this means that I don't have to manually edit a bunch of .php files to make it look like I've posted something new!

I still have some work to do on the site, but if you encounter any errors, please feel free to email me using the link in the footer!

Planning a Wedding is Hard! 

As many of you who follow my social feeds have likely heard, I'm currently planning my wedding! It's a lot of work, combined with my job and the extra hours I put in from time to time to make some extra cash, I've been left with little time to work on CEE. I am still doing what I can, though. Currently I am working on big pieces, so every release will contain some rather large updates, as opposed to the small, more regular updates everyone is likely used to.

There will be some great new features coming once things start to slow down a bit! Thank all of you for being so patient and encouraging!