Emily Maxwell

Hi, I'm Emily! 

I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, but I now live in the Waterloo region of Ontario. I'm 27 years old, and I'm loving my job as a Release Manager. I'm known online as Elestriel.

I started programming in BASIC when I was around 8 years old, making simple programs and games and learning the joy of running out of space in a 10 block. I quickly moved on from that and took an interest in Visual Basic, where I started to make larger projects and collaborated with some friends to make a small game. Since then, I have found that I've needed to learn many other languages along the way, and always enjoy the challenge of tackling a problem from a new angle.

I am proficient in several languages, including VB6/VBA, VB.NET, C++, C#, MySQL, MS-SQL, PHP, ASP, HTML, PowerShell, Bash, and Batch.

My passion lies in creation. I like to create new things, or create ways to enhance or repair existing things. Programming is as much a creative outlet as it can be a wonderful challenge, in my eyes. Whether I need to design a new program, or rewrite and optimize old algorithms, I always enjoy the work.

I designed this website to be as lightweight as possible. There are no images anywhere, but I instead rely on CSS tricks everywhere. The social icons are actually inline SVG coordinates, so technically I'm not using any images, and being technically right is the best kind of right. ;) Of course, seeing as everything is a neat CSS trick, half of it doesn't work on Internet Explorer. I'll get around to updating it one day. Maybe.

I have the tendency to become a teacher in an environment I'm comfortable in. People often turn to me for quick and clear answers when they have hardware or software problems that need quick and effective fixes. I have held small lessons for Microsoft Word and Excel.

Some people have asked me where they could make a donation to support my software development. If you're one such person, you can head over here! Thank you for your generosity! :)