Small Update!

I've been getting more and more questions about the K95 Platinum not working. It turns out that it is due to a firmware update.

I've created a small fix in CEE and released. This fix will make it so that K95Ps that are not updated to the latest firmware probably won't work any more.

This release also includes half-assed support for the following keyboards: K63, K66, K68, K68 RGB, K70 SE RAPIDFIRE RGB; and mice: Dark Core, Dark Core SE, Glaive RGB, Harpoon RGB. The reason I say it's half-assed is because all I did was add them to the master devices list. I didn't create new layouts for the keyboards, so I'm just borrowing the layouts from the keyboards that are most similar to them. Everything should work, though.

You can access the updates in the first post of this page, as always!

As always, please email me if anything goes horribly wrong!