Emily Maxwell

It's been a while, hasn't it? 

I apologize for being so quiet lately. Stuff is getting really crazy with the wedding being just over a month away. Work is crazy. Personal life is crazy. I just haven't had the time to sit down and develop CEE as much as I wanted to. I do still push out little fixes here and there, but the big features I want to release are still a ways in the making.

I will be getting back into it as soon as I can. I still have lots of great ideas, and I'm studying up on beat detection so I can make the visualizations even better. Problem is, I'm also studying up on my Japanese, since I'm rusty and want to be able to communicate with people while we're in Japan. My brain can only handle so much at once, right now.

As always, thank you so much for your support. I will do my best to get back on track once everything's chilled out.

Updates - August 2nd, 2016 

Hey everyone!

This isn't a big update, just more of a "don't worry I'm still alive" kind of deal. I've been crazy busy with the wedding planning lately, but I've gotten some new builds out. Stability, performance, and usability fixes all around!

The biggest change is that starting with version 0.1.18, settings are saved to My Documents using my own custom classes, instead of using .NET's horribly broken Properties.Settings classes. This means that when you upgrade to versions after that, you'll get to keep your settings! It also means that the program will run better, since calls to Properties.Settings are inexplicably slow as hell, while calls to my classes are significantly faster.

I'm back off to figure out seating arrangements or flowers or something.

Until next time!


Hey everyone!

I made an installer. It's probably still kinda unstable, but I think I got it right. The first version you'll get is 0.1.7, and it should just update itself quietly whenever there's a new build.

To make matters better, it's an actual installer! It'll make a shortcut in your start menu under the folder Emily Maxwell. I'm going to think about changing that, but for now it'll stick.

Please let me know if you have any issues!

Download the installer here.

Small Update - June 29th, 2016 

This is a small update correcting the issue that some K70 LUX non-RGB users might have where their device cannot be initialized. This fix will affect all devices, however, so if anyone is having troubles please let me know!

Get Dev 13 here.

Updates - June 28th, 2016 

This was a tricky one!

This build includes the ability to automatically switch profiles based on whether audio or silence is detected, or based on idle time. Idle time will override any other automatic profile switches.

I split audio/silence into two separate options, because sometimes we'll want to select our spectro profile, and only change off of it when there's no sound going on. If you're like me, this is somewhat rare. If you select Silence switching, then it will wait for a certain number of seconds of silence before switching away, but it will switch back the instant it detects audio. Contrariwise, if you select Audio switching, then it will wait for a certain number of seconds of sounds before switching, and it will switch back the moment audio is not detected. You cannot use both options at once, since that would lead to disasters.

These are not finalized; I will be tweaking the UI and the way the options work a bit more in the future.

Otherwise, I've added a notification in the Profiles page when there's an unsaved profile, and I've updated the Donate link since it didn't point to the right place any more. There have been some other tweaks and optimizations under the hood, and everything should be a bit more stable now.

Get Dev 10 here!

Get Dev 11 here!

Get Dev 12 here!

Thanks again for your patience and support. :)

Edit: Uploaded a new build with some hotfixes and what should be the death of that profile switching crash.

Edit 2: Uploaded a new build that includes support for Katar, M65 Pro RGB, and K70 Lux.